I have two homes. Or do I have no home at all? I now migrate between two places that inspire me and I am seeing spring for the second time this year. It’s a treat. A reward for the decisions I have made. I have been alone, antisocial and happy.

Isolation is a fickle bitch. It is what I am inclined to do on any day. We are conditioned by society to perceive it as anomalous. But there are a lot of us lurking in the shadows. We are alone and we are OK. I present as social because that is what I am supposed to do when truly, I just want to be left alone. Alone in the deserts and mountains of the southwest to tell my stories while hiding behind this keyboard. Left the fuck alone in the dirt. It is what drives every decision I make in life. When I can’t escape I go crazy. Like like lunatic in a straight jacket or a tweaker in the back of a cop car. Let me out.

I drink on the mountain tops and smoke at the river. I pedal and think in between. I’m looking forward to what the world will look like in the coming months as humans awake from this social hibernation. What will it be like now that so many people were forced to jump into the rabbit hole that is their own brain? Did they hear the conversations with themselves? Did they actually listen? Or did they just curse it and ignore it like the neighbor’s barking dog?

Pay yourself a visit. Let it wash over you and learn a few things. Don’t worry. You will be “back to normal” soon enough.