The Beginning


This is my fifty two week homework assignment. A mission to create and share one thing every week for at least one year. This is something that I have wanted to do for a while and, as cliche as it may be, the new year seems like the perfect time to pull the trigger. It also makes keeping tract of that one year nice and easy.

The Reichel Cycle name goes way back. When I was younger, kids on the school bus would mock my last name with songs like:

Reichel Reichel motorcycle used a fart to make it start

As a 30-something I now find that hilarious, but as a 12 year-old it stung a little. In all reality, who wouldn’t want a motorcycle that ran on flatulence? Talk about a renewable resource! As I got older I would use it to help people pronounce my last name “Reichel, rhymes with cycle”. People always seemed to remember it after that.

This is not me leaving my roots as “Dirty Biker” on But as my friend SnakeHawk once said “it’s just a new gallery to hang my art”. Over the years, I have collected stories that were either incredibly personal to me or just not the right fit for that snarky yellow page. I would also like to share experiences and thoughts about things that aren’t necessarily bicycle related. This will be the home for those stories. But there is no denying that bicycles and bicycle travel rule my life, and that’s what the majority of this page will be about.

I want to experiment with not just words, but photos and videos as well. This simple, bare-bones page will be my blank canvas and I am going to throw a lot of random stuff at it. I don’t consider myself a photographer, videographer or even a writer. But hopefully, through this exercise, I will get a little closer to those titles. I don’t think it is going to be easy, but I do think that it is exactly what I need in my life right now.


8 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Been following your escapades for years. By that, I mean living vicariously through your adventures. 😎 Looking forward to the new gallery!

  2. Nice Chris! Looking forward to your stories. You seem to go to the most wonderful places and meet so many interesting people. That should provide for sufficient inspiration!

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to gathering even more inspiration here, good luck with the homework assignment 🙂

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